Serving the District

Chip is a highly regarded legislator. He is willing to listen to all points of view in order to make sound and informed decisions, and he is a strong voice for rural issues in Montpelier.

Senator Jane Kitchel

Chip Conquest was instrumental in our small business obtaining an Act 250 permit this past Spring.
He took the time to return phone calls and stop by in person to answer questions and address concerns.
He followed through to the end and worked to understand the in’s and out’s of the tough process.
He genuinely believes in business’ in Vermont which is something our state needs and that’s why he has our vote.

Craig Darling, Darling’s Auto Repair

Chip worked with me in putting together an Act 250 permit. In fact, he’s been there whenever I needed help moving along the wheels of bureaucracy in Montpelier.

Clark “Chief” Bogie, Chief Logging and Construction

Since he was first elected in 2008, Chip has consistently worked in a thoughtful way to make Vermont a better place for those who live here. He is a model legislator, who works across party lines to bring consensus to many of the thorniest issues facing Vermont.

Shap Smith, Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives

Operating a small business anywhere isn’t easy, but being on the state border with New Hampshire is particularly tough. Chip has worked hard and successfully to fight taxes on clothing and footwear. That’s a big help to our family business and to the hardworking people in our area who often need top-quality clothing and footwear in their jobs.

Paul Gallerani, Farm-Way, Inc.

As president of Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, I took comfort in knowing that I could call, write, or email Chip, asking him to look into matters relevant to our organization, and knowing always that he’d do so immediately.

Syd Lea

Whenever we bring a problem to Chip’s attention, he’s immediately responsive and helpful. He obviously cares about the people in this area, especially the elderly, whose voices are rarely heard.

Robin Barone, President of the Oxbow Senior Independence Program Board of Directors

Dear Chip,

I am writing to express my appreciation for your support of Vermont’s small business communities. During your tenure as Representative, you have continually promoted logical, common sense measures and sought bi-partisan support to address issues that are critical to the success of  the many small businesses that truly are the “heartbeat” in our local economies.

Craig Hervey, Housewright Construction

Running a small business is never simple, but Chip has made our lives a little easier by reducing the number of tax forms we are required to fill out each year. Chip understands our needs and is always ready to help out.

Mark Simakaski and Nichole Wolfgang, Artesano Meadery

Chip is an incredibly thoughtful legislator and respected by his colleagues.

Rep. Sam Young

Rep. Sam Young